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Print management with E-ID

The PRIMON print management system can now be ordered with Hungarian E-ID card readers. Thanks to this solution it is no longer necessary to provide proximity cards for the users, as they can also authenticate themselves with their electronic ID cards.

Currently, only Colorspectrum Ltd. has this unique and innovative solution. The introduction of E-ID as an authentication device is a very modern and extremely secure solution. The simple, yet continuous data encryption providing authentication process is ensured by the card reader’s own hardware and software components, as well as the unique PRIMON host authentication server. The solution was developed together with the developer and rights holder of the nationally protected card component and it provides one of the fastest login procedures known today.
The SAM module, which is manufactured by the IdomSoft Zrt., is essential for the operation of the card reader. It has to be purchased for each card reader. It is important to know that our card reader is only compatible with E-ID cards manufactured since October, 2017. Please note that ID cards manufactured before March, 2019 must be activated before use. Identification cards produced after this date are activated automatically. Naturally, to support our customers’ transition from proximity card to E-ID authentication, the card readers are also capable to read other types of identification cards. Therefore, the card readers can handle both electronic IDs and proximity cards at the same time.